Welcome to the Campaign, guys! I’ll be updating as often as I can so check back regularly.

Some basic info: This is a .5th Edition D&D Eberron Campaign set in .300 YK or Year .3400 in the Age of The Marked by the Dragon Calendar in the city of Io’lokar. It has a lot of significant twists to the original setting and takes place in Argonnessen, the Continent of Dragons.

Right now I’m trying to get characters posted before I write stuff for them, but hopefully things will start to speed up once I have all the profiles up.

Update: I highly recommend reading Gods, Faiths, and Demons there’s a lot of lore there that I think you may find very interesting.

Also if you guys have questions, concerns, or just see things that don’t match continuity, tell me. Thanks!

Io'lokar Rising

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