Gods, Faiths, and Demons

The Progenitor Wyrms and the Inheritor Dragons (The Thir Faith of the Dragons)

In the beginning, there were only the three mighty Progenitor Wyrms. As they grew and evolved, they began to carve and mold the world around them. Together, they eventually forged the greatest of their creations, the Draconic Prophecy, a living odyssey written into the skin of reality with the power to dictate life, law, and creation. Then Siberys and Khyber began to fight over it and in the resulting battle, destroyed the world. In the end, Khyber slew Siberys and scattered his carcass to the heavens, thereby creating the Upper Planes. Eberron, however, used her own body to bind and trap Khyber and restore life to the world. Khyber became the Elemental Chaos but his hatred for his kin bore deep and from that was born the Abyss. Khyber’s children raged against their confinement and burst from the depths below and later on established dominion over the Material Plane.

Eberron: Female, NG, The Dragon Between

Siberys: Male, LG, The Dragon Above

Khyber: Male, CE, The Dragon Below

The Inheritor Dragons

Before the war between Khyber and Siberys began, the three wyrms sired their first offspring and gave them each a piece of their power called the Thrims.
They were: tiamat.jpg
- Tiamat (Female, CE), given the Eye of Khyber, All-Consuming. The One True Daughter of Khyber and mother to the Chromatic Dragons.

- Ikhotep (Male, N), given the Heart of Eberron, All-Creating. He would become the great father to primal spirits and the natural creatures. DRAGON_OF_GOD_Wallpaper_1ogq4.jpg
- Bahamut (Male, LG), given the Wing of Siberys, All-Purifying. Father of the Metallic Dragons and brother to the Couatls, who would later be born from the scattered scales of Siberys.

In the aftermath of the war, these dragons helped rebuild the world and give it new life. In time, however, a new unknown threat began to invade the world, twisting it and distorting life. This threat came to be known as Xoriat, the Far Realm. The Inheritor Dragons banded together with a new ally, known as Ioun and traveled to the edges of the multiverse to confront this threat. The eventual battle with Xoriat came at a terrible cost. Only Tiamat returned from the beyond and as the Last Inheritor walked the world, so began the Age of Demons.

The Metallic Dragons lived in fear of their Demonic Overlords and became little more than beasts. The lesser races were often enslaved and many were wiped out. The Chromatics served Tiamat to help her acquire an ever greater hoard by stealing from other demon lords. In time, however, the metallic dragons rediscovered the Draconic Prophecy. They began to wield and understand it, through they found a hope; their cousins, the Couatls.
With the Couatls at their side, they fought the demons backs, slowly binding them back into the Abyss. The Overlords, too powerful for ordinary banishment, forced the Couatls to make the ultimate sacrifice. Every Overlord in time was defeated and bound as the Couatls sacrificed their lives to make living prisons for each and every demon lord. When the couatls, alongside the metallic dragons, finally bound Tiamat in the Pit of Five Sorrows, the Chromatics had no desire to serve the other demon lords, considering them impure shadows of their mother. The Chromatics offered their allegiance to the Draconic forces, insisting there was a need for cruelty and cunning in the war with the demon lords. The alliance was forged and eventually, the chromatics and metallics interbred to the point that neither can claim a pure bloodline to one inheritor dragon or another. Hence the vast varieties in alignments among the dragons now. When the war at last ended, The dragons retreated to Argonnessen to contemplate the Prophecy but a few among their number ascended to become the Sovereigns, the new gods of Eberron. Others would join them, like Aureon, and others would be cast out and robbed of their names, like the Devourer.

The Sovereigns

Arawai: Female, NG, The Sovereign of Life and Love, Symbol: sheaf of wheat, bronze dragon, Domains: Life, Nature

Boldrei: Female, LG, The Sovereign of Hall and Hearth, Symbol: burning hearth, copper dragon, Domains: Life

Balinor: Male, N, The Sovereign of Horn and Hunt, Symbol: elk horns, green dragon, Domains: Life, Nature, Tempest

Dol Arrah: Female, LG, The Sovereign of Sun and Sacrifice, Symbol: orange sunrise, gold dragon, Domains: Light, War

Dol Dorn: Male, CG, The Sovereign of Strength and Steel, Symbol: sword and shield, silver dragon, Domains: Tempest, War Doldorn.jpg

Onatar: Male, NG, The Sovereign of Forge and Flame, Symbol: Smithing hammer and tongs, brass dragon, Domains: Knowledge BrassDragon-07.jpg

Olladra: Female, CG, the Deceased Sovereign of Feast and Good Fortune, Symbol: a domino drenched in blood, brown dragon, Domains: Life, Trickery. When Olladra confronted Asmodeus with the corruption of her son, Kol Korron, the Archdevil decided to do the impossible; he slew her and forged artifacts from her carcass. Her essence was inherited by the halfling race and some of those in Argonnessen, alongside the dragon priests of Fortune’s Fang, founded the Order of Fallen Fortune, a ministry of avengers bent on purging diabolic influence from Eberron. Olladra.jpg

The Devourer: Intersex, NE, The Outcasted Sovereign of Wave and Whelm, Symbol: bones sharpened into stakes, dragon turtle, Domains: Tempest

Kol Korran: Male, LE, once the Sovereign of World and Wealth, he was corrupted by Asmodeus and is now the Archdevil of Greed known as Mammon. He is one of the few Archdevils not imprisoned in Baator, the Nine Hells. Symbol: a gold medallion, white dragon, Domains: Trickery

Other Gods and Faiths

Aureon: AKA Ourelonastrix, Male, NG, The Great Teacher of Lore and Magic, Symbol: an open tome, a blue dragon or dragonborn, Domains: Knowledge, Fate

Chronepsis: AKA The Ever-Watcher, Raven Queen, Intersex, LN, Symbol: a purple dragon eye wreathed in black, a raven feather, shadow dragon, Domains: Life, Death, Fate

Gods, Faiths, and Demons

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