Aedar Nailo

Male Half-Elf Thief


Aedar is 60 years old, 5’9", 160 lbs, and has green eyes and short auburn hair.

Class: Rogue
Subclass: Thief

Dagger (shiv)
Hand Crossbow
20 bolts
Acid Bolt
Necro Bolt
Theive’s Tools
Disguise Kit
Forgery Kit
Rhyme and Thistle: requires attunement with an elf or half-elf
Two +1 magic scimitars, +1 to attack and damage rolls, attunement is lost if one is wielded without the other.
While wielding both and attuned, the user is proficient with both weapons and can add their damage modifier to their second attack when engaging in two-weapon fighting.


Aedar was born into the small community of half-elves of Io’lokar as the first child of Tavus and Dalia. He became the older brother of Eric, Valdia, and Anwen when he was around 30. When he was around 3 years old he saw a blue Warder dragon fly over his house, later asking his aunt about it. As he grew up in his community he found that he preferred playing pranks on his family than working for the Steelbenders. While most of his family found his pranks annoying his aunt Norah found it interesting and fun and decided to help him with his disguises he used for his pranks. Eventually Aedar decided that he wanted to do more than labor work and left the family community to strike it on his own, much to ire of his father. Before he left he gave his younger sister, Valdia, a necklace that he made, one of the few things he learned to do while working for the Steelbenders for a very short time.
After several failed attempts to start his own business, Aedar met the gnome Lim, who offered to help him successfully start his own business as his partner. Together they successfully created a trading caravan. Aedar, disguised as a merchant name Roland Smith, established a trading relationship with the Dwarven clan Sablehide and made quite a few friends among them.
Aedar uses the money he and Lim gain to maintain a comfortable livelihood and sends a bit of the money to his family, usually his mother.
Three days before the beginning of the adventure, Aedar was picked up off the streets by Dragonborn and thrown in jail under the charges of stealing “certain documents” from the Seren Mage Academies.

Aedar Nailo

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