Io'lokar Rising

What's happened so far...

Escape from Sablehide Rock

So I’ve been designated as this group’s Historian so I’m now in charge of the Adventure Log. If I make any mistakes or miss anything please tell me so I can fix it.

After escaping from their encounter with the undead Drake and its former rider, Andreya, Aedar, Jaina, Lilith, Lim, Kine, and Zorrinn (Rogar) regrouped at the door that led out into the courtyard. They discussed the two choices that they had to open the larger doors of the courtyard in order to give Lim a chance to open the portal to give them their escape. One choice was to blow a hole into the door and the other was to open it via the two pulleys. Deciding that the pulley system would be better, the group prepared to exit through the doors . Lim told the others that he would get rid of the undead drake problem so, after blinding all the enemies on the other side of the doors, came back and took off behind the group.

The members of the party entered battle with 2 Dragonborns and 1 human, all of them from the Union of the Shield. After a few close calls, such as Jaina being run through by the human and Lilith having to carry her to the portal, the “heroes” managed to escape. As they patched themselves up, they discussed what to do next. Kine suggested they head to the Broken Worg, a Hobgoblin run Inn and Trading Post. They did so, with Aedar, Lilith and Zorrinn disguising themselves before the journey.

When they arrived at the inn they found that the inn’s minstrel band, Black Flagon, were down a singer. Seeing a way to earn their stay at the inn, the group decided that Lilith should perform as the band’s singer for the night. Kine still had to pay for a room though. Kine and Lim managed to convince the band’s leader, Reggi, and the inn owner, Kash, to let Lilith sing for the night in exchange for room and service. She met with the other two members of the band, halflings by the name of Toto and Riyanna. Together the band stunned the audience with Lilith’s Bardic gift and following the rousing ovation, the members of Black Flagon begged Lilith to stay on with them. Though tempted, Lilith politely refused and the group acquired their room and board.

Meanwhile, Aedar left the inn to go outside and found an orc and a human playing a card game. The orc, Toro, was talking to the human, Ianto, about finding his brother. Aedar persuaded them to let him join their game but found he did not know how to play but tried anyway. He asked Toro about his brother and found out that Toro’s brother was the very same orc that the party had found dead in the Necropolis Gate. Toro asked Aedar if he could help him find his brother. After discussing this with Andreya and Lim, Aedar told Toro that he had business elsewhere and could not help him. Toro then burst into tears before Aedar could say anything else and was left to be consoled by Ianto.

The Danger Is Revealed

Soon the group was summoned to room 4 by Kine, though they had to carry Jaina as she had passed out from having too many drinks. In room 4, Kine contacted the Dragonborn Tytherion after Lilith had made sure they could not be seen by anyone outside the room. Tytherion informed the group about Marlduin, the Talons of Govesh, and the Chromatic Rose.

He explained that Argonnessen had fallen into a state of civil war, following the exposure of a conspiracy to provoke yet another war with the Elves of Aerenal, for the sole purpose of distracting the dragon Conclave from a far greater threat. A collection of dragons were conspiring to release one of the Demon Overlords from their prison. Tytherion stated that while he did not know which, he knows it must either be Yad-Raghesh, the Twin-Headed Rajah of Fury or Tiamat, Daughter of Khyber.

According to Tytherion, Marlduin, in his megalomaniacal mind, sees himself as a true dragon and wishes for a body reflecting that.To that end, he is assembling the pieces of an artifact known as the Chromatic Rose to aid the rebel dragons seeking the release of the Overlord and what better place to assemble it than Io’lokar, the most impenetrable territory in Argonessen. Tytherion keeps his fight with the Dovah to the shadows because he suspects Marlduin has help from a Warder dragon but does not know which one, heavily implying that among the Warders, is an agent of the Overlords.

When Tytherion revealed the true nature of the Talons of Govesh, the party was overwhelmed with regret for leaving the artifact at Sablehide Rock. The Talons of Govesh, he explained, were not tools of inter-planar travel between realms, but twin phylacteries planted by the renegade Warder that, when united, would allow the dracolich, Govesh, to return as an ally to Marlduin. While one is lost, the other is held in the archives of the Spine, well within the Dovah’s reach.

In order to effectively aid Tytherion in his struggle to stop Marlduin from acquiring the Chromatic Rose. the dragonborn requested that they go train with the Vode’Sharak orcs. He told Kine to pay Borgakh the Spellblade for their training and told them to make for Daz Naka Stronghold. He also asked about Rogar’s change of species and how Aedar and Andreya escaped from his Demi-plane. Receiving vague answers and left with only more questions, the conversation ended and the party decided to head to bed for the night. Before going to bed however, Lim told Aedar and Andreya that he was leaving and although Aedar was somewhat sad that his only remaining friend was going, he understood. Lim told Andreya that if she was still “friends” with Aedar by the time they got back to the city to find him and told them both that he would be keeping an eye on them.


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